Jay Argo

Realtor | CA 19168609063

Jay Argo is the most unconventional Realtor you may ever meet. With 20+ years of professional sales experience and a beard that gives Ol' St. Nick a run for his money, you will not be disappointed with his attention to detail and outside the box problem solving that has trade marked him The Bearded Realtor.

Jay is a Sacramento area native, family man, motorcycle and mini bike enthusiast. With a deep rooted passion for problem solving and helping others, he is one of the easiest people to work with and talk to. When not working inside the real estate industry he can be found tinkering on his next vintage project, practicing his amateur pyrotechnics, and teaching his toddler the difference between the gas and the brakes on his modified big wheel. Whether looking for your first house, your next house, or your dream house the Bearded Realtor will make all the difference.

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